Friday, December 23, 2011

Paper Snowflake DIY

Not enough snow for a white Christmas? Never fear - we have a DIY snowflake project that will fix that in no time.

We made several of these for our holiday window display and have had many requests for instructions. They are very pretty and quite easy to make requiring only a few supplies.

Note: The snowflakes in the window display are 22" tall, so we have re-sized the instructions to better accommodate house decor.

Here is what you need to get started:

* 7 squares of text weight paper cut to 6.5" x 6.5"
Double sided tape {Tip: if using metallic paper we suggest using a stronger
adhesive such as red liner tape
Paper cutter or scissors

Step 1:
Fold the square corner to corner, creating a triangle

Step 2:
Fold triangle in half again

Step 3:
Make 3 cuts running parallel to the edge of the triangle, being
careful not to cut thru center fold
{Tip: for a 6.5" square we made equally spaced cuts however for the 8.5" squares used in our window display we varied the distance for more visual interest and added one extra snowflake point to fill out the snowflake}

Step 4:
Open triangle and lay paper flat

Step 5:
Roll center cuts toward each other and adhere center triangle points with double sided tape
{Tip: use a pencil or your finger to help form center roll}

Step 6:
Flip the paper over and adhere triangle points in the next row.

Step 7:
Flip the paper back over and adhere the next row of triangle points; alternating front to back for the last two rows.

Step 8:
Grab each of the seven snowflake points and staple them together at the top.

Step 9:
Open up the snowflake points and apply double sided adhesive between each of the points.

Your snowflake is now ready for display!

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